Eating Right-The Right Way

Fitness has always been a high priority on the list of those people who were health conscious. Today, fitness has reached a, all new level where people are changing everything about their lives to stay fit and get healthier. One of those changes is the way they eat.

People have become extremely conscious of what they eat, when they and how they eat it. We can see a move back to primitive days where cooking was never heard off. A number of diets today, follow the principle where you eat food in its original form. There is no cooking or preservation involved.

Various Diets


Now this diet is all about going to the primitive years where humans never ate processed or cooked food. They ate only raw food and this diet is based on the belief that humans were designed to eat that way and the deviation is what has resulted in a number of health issues. When one eats whole foods, vegetables, fruits and avoids all processed food and sugar content, there are a number of health benefits. Hence, even if does not really help one lose weight, it helps them get fitter.


This is a diet created by vegetarians who are against consuming anything that is derived from animals. Even dairy is avoided in this diet. Since, this diet promotes eating more vegetables and fruits, one consumes more fiber. The lack of animal products in the diet reduces the fat consumption and hence effectively helps in reducing weight. The main advantage in this diet is, one gets to eat to their heart's content and there is no portion control or calorie counting.



This is a diet that aims at reducing weight and helping you maintain it on the long run. It has been split into four phases where two are focused on reducing weight while the other two are focused on maintain the weight you have lost. The weight loss phases are where you get to eat high protein and low carbs. Once you lose the weight, you move into the maintenance phase. Here you have to eat non starchy vegetables and slowly consume a little carbs and fat, to meet the body's needs. Then the protein consumption is also reduced gradually as too much of protein can result on a bulky body too.

In this diet, one gets to eat protein and fat to their heart's content, as long as carbs is avoided. Since, one gets to eat a lot of fat and protein, the appetite is reduced and eventually, the person starts consuming less. This diet has been known to help one lose a lot of weight at a fast rate, especially in reducing the stomach fat. Also, the risks of developing various diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc are known to reduce. This helps many to tone down their body muscles, fat and get healthier. However, without animal derived protein, one may not be able to build muscles at a fast rate. Choose wisely and enjoy your fitness journey, without any setbacks or glitches.

How to Eat
So, you are going to the gym on a regular basis and your dietician and fitness coach have come up with a diet plan to help you reach your health goals, faster. So, how do you eat the diet given to you? Preparing the meal is one part of the problem and the other part is carrying this food with you. Though one can carry the food in a regular plastic container or a disposable container, it can ruin your food. When there are lot of fruits and vegetables involved, a throw away container is not going to be good enough to hold all the water content. Similarly, plastic containers are going to add their toxins to the food, thus making it unhealthy. When you decide to get professional about your health.

Using a food Bag
When you are going to the gym, you want to look the part and not look out of place. Just like how you focus on the right attire and great gym equipment to use, you need to carry the right food bag too. This not only makes you look serious about your health goals, but it also makes it very convenient to carry the food without it being spoilt. We also have a variety of equipment to make your fitness journey easier and more memorable. Apart from the right clothes and bags to make you look the part, we also supply items that go into your gym bag, be it gloves, towels, bottles or even lunch boxes; we have a wide range of choice for you to choose from.

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